It occurs quite often in construction of one’s home that a mesh fence is not a good solution for surrounding the immovable and an expensive forged fence can not be accommodated within the planned budget. In this case the best solution is a metal railing fence with vertical hollow bars.

The product range of the Aiaveeb.ee comprises high-quality metal fences made in Estonia, which are durable and look impressive for decades. In order to ensure the faultless operation of the automated gate system in the conditions of the northern country and to open the gate in the coldest weather, the accessories and the access system by the acknowledged manufacturers are used. The metal module fence of the Aiaveeb enables to prepare a desirable fence solution, which keeps away uninvited guests and looks pleasing to by-passers.

It is smart to order the fence straight from the manufacturer in order to save from intermediation and resale fees. The CALCULATOR of the Aiaveeb.ee enables you to put together a complete solution of the metal fence quickly and simply. Fill in the parameters of the fence in the calculator and the approximate cost of the fence project is calculated immediately so you can be sure the price is the best at the market. The solution completed in the calculator may be delivered together with further questions to our sales specialist, who will prepare a personal tender for you. 

A high quality metal fence is a good investment, which will last for decades.

Aiaveeb.ee – home of the stylish long-lasting metal fence!

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